You know you do Taekwondo when..

Jeg må bare!...
You know you do Taekwondo when... (Facebook)

Har valgt ut noen som stemmer

4~You keep track of what day it is by if you have class that day or not.

5~It gets on your nerves when people call TKD Karate.

6~You know what WTF means.

7~You know what ITF means.

8~You know what ATA means.

9~You want to visit Korea.

10~You have seen at least one TKD demonstration. (Eller sånn 350568320)

11~You have at least 1 instructor with the last name Lee or Kim.

12~You can spell Keumgang.

13~...and know what it is.

15~People are afraid of you.

16~You know the difference between sparring and fighting.

17~You respect people.

18~You know that breaking wood with your hands and feet doesn't really hurt.

19~...and that it only hurts if you do it incorrectly.

20~You automatically tie things like a Taekwondo belt.

22~You can't go to class because you got an injury from class the other night and that upsets you.

23~You are upset you have to miss class for other things not as important because TKD is life.

24~It upsets you when people try and imitate us by doing stupid things like crane stances or they do a double knife hand and say "hiya" like you see in really bad martial arts movies.

26~You think the Korean Tigers are amazing ♥.

K Tigers by kimsblackbelt.

28~You carry tiger balm, or something like it.

30~Bruises are regular and breaking something isn't out of the ordinary. (Selv om jeg aldri får blåmerker som syns, så betyr det ikke at jeg ikke har dem)

35~Your success is when a student kicks you in the head with a technique you taught him/her. (Det verste er at jeg er livredd for å gå kamp mot den ene eleven min fordi hun kicker assen min lett!)

38~You have bruises all over your body--ouch!!!! (noe av det samme som 30)

42~You can do the full splits and have it not be a big deal to you

43~You hate that people say to you that you know karate.

45~Even when playing other sports, you use some sort of TKD trick you learned to earn possession of the ball.

47~Reason you're not studying for finals.

48~You're getting ready for vacation, during, and right after vacation are thinking how stiff and out of shape you'll be when you get back to Tae Kwon Do.

49~You know what Taeguks and/or Pawlges are. 

50~You know that Dan is not the name of a guy.

54~You use your feet for opening/closing doors and windows, and switching on/off the light...etc  (Mamma mobber meg for dette, slemt ikke sant? Forresten det gjelder også skuffer no matter what hight.)

56~You know a form is not a piece of paper to be filled out.

57~...and you have a favorite one.(Pyongwon)

58~You know that the worst pain ever is kicking someone's elbow with your in-step

59~...and don't care

60~You sit in a strange stretch because its comfortable, and other people thinks it looks painful

61~You've made someone's mouth bleed by kicking it...(could be an accident or not).

62~You know what the 4 trigrams(gwee) of the Korean Flag means.
korean_flag.gif koren flag image by cherrychick2792

64~You know that the half circles are NOT ying and yang. (Vel det er ying og yang, men koreansk med en litt annen vri)

65~...and you know what they are called. (Um-Yang)

69~You know that learning Korean is a big part of studying Taekwondo.

71~You wish you could speak more Korean than just what you learn at TKD.

72~You realize that TKD is not just a sport but a way of life. So live it up ♥ 

73~You own a pair of TKD shoes or want one

77~You hate that "karate" has become the general term to refer to TKD and other martial arts

81~The doctor says you can't practice anymore because you broke something

83~You hate when people not in TKD whine about pain and want to show them what real pain is

Også måtte jeg bare legge til denne
Heres something fun, 10 reasons to date Martial Artist:

1. We are as flexible as you are.
2. We don`t wear protection to look bigger, football players do.
3. It takes us only seconds to score.
4. We have great upper AND lower bodies.
5. We don`t fake it, soccer players do.
6. We have no problem with 2-on-1.
7. We can do it anywhere, not just on a field.
8. We don`t play with balls.
9. We wear loose clothing for a reason.
10. We have more moves than anyone.

Og jeg er faktisk sammen med en som "trener" Taekwondo, heldig? Ja. Sebastian legg merke til anførselstegn. Jeg elsker deg!....

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29.apr.2010 kl.11:25

jeg trener litt da Ann-Mari<3 (A)

Jeg elsker deg også, bare litt mer<3:-*


30.apr.2010 kl.08:25

Anonym aka Sebastian: ok, litt, men det blir vel det samme som anførselstegn.. (a)<3 Engelen min elsker deg mest!<3:*

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Født og oppvokst i Bærum og bor i Drammen området nå, men er opprinnelig fra Kroatia. Har kjæreste i Bergen som betyr alt. Trener Taekwondo og er instruktør. Noe annet? -

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